Diesel Fuel

Premium Diesel Fuels

We offer contract fuel purchasing year-round.

Garrow Oil & Propane offers premium diesel fuels that provide superior fuel economy and improved lubricity to ensure less equipment wear and lower maintenance costs.

  • FUEL ECONOMY – Clean injectors prevent loss of engine power and improve fuel economy.
  • LUBRICITY – Exceeds lubricity standard in ASTM D 975. Gives protection against wear for injectors, fuel pumps, upper cylinders, rings and valve trains.


“DEF” Diesel exhaust Fluid available in quantities of 55-gallon barrels to bulk.


Premium Winter Diesel Fuel Benefits

  • Less fuel icing and reduced formation of ice crystals
  • Inhibition of stable emulsions of fuel and water
  • Deters formation of large wax particles
  • Lowers CFPP to 15º F – 25º F below cloud point
  • Reduces or eliminates blending with #1 diesel


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