Go Green

Go Green with Paperless Billing

If more customers were to sign up for paperless billing, it would have a significant and very positive impact on the environment. You can save time and clutter by opting for paperless billing and receiving your energy bills via online methods. Eliminate the hassle of misplaced documents and cluttered mailboxes by signing up for paperless billing.

Paperless Billing benefits the environment by reducing paper consumption and cutting down on waste. By eliminating your paper bills, you can help save more than 31 tons of paper each year, the equivalent of 753 trees.


More Paperless Billing Benefits

  • Saves enough energy to power 13 homes for one whole year
  • Reduces greenhouse gases by the equivalent of emissions from 16 cars
  • Saves 598,770 gallons of water
  • Eliminates enough solid waste to fill three garbage trucks