Contracting/Prepay program

Propane contracting is available to all customers using a minimum of 500 gallons of LP per year. We offer a lock-in budget program and a discounted price option for customers who prepay for their LP.

Terms and Conditions

For all programs, the contract price remains in effect until all gallons are delivered or April 30, of each year, whichever comes first regardless of market conditions that may occur during this time period. Your account will be placed on auto-fill and will remain on auto-fill after the expiration of the contract unless you contact us in writing telling us to switch you to a will-call basis. During the contract you MUST stay on auto-fill and can not request a fill, as fills are based on our heating degree day system. Even if you choose not to do a contract for the following year with Garrow Propane, you will still be on auto-fill and billed at market price until we have written notice stating otherwise. If you put yourself on a will call basis and or choose to terminate the contract before the expiration there will be a termination fee of $400.00 charged to your account. Only Garrow Propane at its sole discretion can put you on will-call basis. If any fills are requested, you must be at 20% or take the minimum delivery of 250 gallons or a delivery charge will apply. Contracts are non-transferable.

You must take delivery of 80% of your contracted gallons. If 80% is not delivered by April 30, of each year you will be invoiced for them at the contract price. If you have used at least 80% of your contracted gallons, the credit balance (dollars) will be refunded to you upon request or can be applied to the next year’s contract at next year’s price, your choice. Additional gallons used beyond contracted gallons will be invoiced at the current delivered price with payment due in full within 30 days from the date of delivery or before the next fill, whichever comes first.

Contracted gallons are a commitment for price only. Garrow Propane shall not be responsible for any failure of performance of this agreement if prevented from doing so by act of God, floods, fires, explosions, storms, transportation difficulties, strikes, lockouts, other industrial disturbances, wars, or any law, rule, order, or act of any source of supply from which deliveries are normally made, or any cause or causes beyond its control whether similar or dissimilar to those stated above. We reserve the right to pass on fuel surcharges if the price of diesel fuel exceeds $3.50/gallon. Contract pricing does not include state/local taxes if applicable.

Contracts are typically sent out in June and the deadline is July 31st of each year. Anything after July 31st, will be subject to the program prices and terms at that time, if available.